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Data Collection & Analysis from over 3300 towns and 215,000 villages

Unmatched Infrastructure

Over 34,000 panel homes and 3.6 lakh respondents

100% Technology Integration

Customised Web & Mobile Client Interfaces

Empanelled with DAVP

One of the only 7 companies in India to be empanelled with the Govt. of India

Certified by Bureau Veritas

A certified team of analysts with deep specializations

Processes Audited By E&Y

3rd party audited data collection processes

About Us


Chrome DM Managers' Meet, 2017

Chrome DM is a technology-driven market research firm with a Pan-India on-ground presence. As of September 2017, the organization has a team of 650+ field staff, 150+ managerial staff and 450 tele-callers speaking over 22 languages to gather data from 6100 towns. With a presence in over 2,15,000 villages, Chrome DM also has an unprecedented reach into Rural India. Since its inception, Chrome DM has worked with some of the biggest brands across industry verticals, including Dabur, Gionee, Lava, Sony, Samsung, Government of Rajasthan, BJP, Employee Provident Fund Organization, Star India, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Times Group, Future Group, Mercedes, Cafe Coffee Day, Zee, Soulflower & Mahindra amongst other reputed organizations, by providing them research & advisory.



Pankaj Krishna - Founder & CEO

With over 17 years of experience in the media space, Pankaj Krishna, an industry veteran, has worn many hats. Having completed his O Levels from university of London, Pankaj finished an executive education programme from Harvard Business School. While his entrepreneurial journey began in 2008, Pankaj has learnt the ropes of the media industry at some of the best brands in the business - India Today, National Geographic, Star India - before going on to be the business head of UTV India.

Our Vision

To be the partner of choice for delivering first hand quality data for Brands, Advertisers and Broadcasters. With Chrome DM’s strength in its infrastructure across India as well as a qualified team of researchers, we strive to be the industry leaders in providing primary data driven results across verticals.

Our Products

Broadcast & Media Solutions

Chrome Track 2.0

  • A city wise ‘connectivity report’ with weighted OTS (opportunity to see), PCS, hyper/UHF & digital percentages. It further offers broadcasters an overview of their exact distribution status vis-à-vis competitive sets across all key markets.

Chrome DPi

  • A tool used by broadcasters to prioritize channel placements across cable networks in India. It is expressed as a percentage of the relevant market universe base.

Chrome Dii

  • The distribution investment index indicates the carriage fee return on investments across cable networks in 450+ cities in India.

Chrome LC1

  • A connectivity report for lc 1 towns across 1600+ towns in India. This service emphasizes on insights into the future and an opportunity to capture relatively newer and untapped markets.

Chrome SES

  • An unprecedented primary survey conducted by chrome dm, that captures the database of all cable networks spread across India. It entails the number of active subscribers as well as rank of each network.

Chrome DRR

  • The industry’s only distribution revenue report, which comprises of subscribers attached to each headend and market-wise analysis of individual MSO. It also shows the exact revenue collected at the headend level.

Chrome Language Feed

  • The tool helps broadcasters keep a tab on the ground level fluctuations in the channel’s language. This report helps in determining the key markets and headends where the channel needs to take corrective measures in order to garner maximum reach.

Chrome AV

  • The report provides audio/video transmission quality of channels across individual headends. The data becomes imperative for broadcasters to rectify ground-level concern areas and ensure maximum trials and viewership.

Chrome Live

  • An unprecedented service featuring channel connectivity status’ across cable headends on the basis of daily data collection.

Chrome Break Strategy

  • Strategizing break patterns to minimise their impact on viewership.

Chrome North East

  • The only report in India, which meters the substantive prominence of 500+ TV channels across all 7 states of north east along with Sikkim.

Chrome Piracy Track

  • A strategic tool that facilitates broadcasters to track piracy of their channels with 3.6 lakh respondents covering a network of 32,000 ChromeDM panel homes.

Chrome On Air Presentation

  • Chrome OAP is a proprietary tool that helps broadcasters to optimise factors determining viewers’ behaviour and engagement with on-air screen elements.

Chrome Hotel Track

  • Reports weekly channel availability across 5 star, 4 star and 3 star hotels across 6 metros.

Chrome Real Time Insights

  • Real time insights on content & programming by demographically relevant curated panels.

Chrome DTH

  • Enables broadcasters to scrutinize a comprehensive view of all-India DTH operations, including channel status, package information and on-ground market offers across markets and regions in India.

Chrome Rate Impact Calculator

  • CRIC helps to benchmark channel mrp basis market preference and also aid in bouquet offering.

Chrome InterconnecXion

  • An unprecedented, exclusive database of distribution interconnections across urban India. It is an online application which has been designed to depict feed tracking for each headend, from the parent headend till the last headend.

Chrome Geo Tag

  • An unprecedented tool enabling broadcasters to scrutinize a comprehensive view of all India DTH operations, including channel status, package information and on-ground market offers, across markets and regions.

Rural Track

  • An extensive report, detailing channel availability across rural India. The data is collected from over 2,00,000 villages giving broadcasters an in depth view of their channel performance in the remote areas of the country.

Ratings Plus

  • A Chrome DM exclusive that enables channels to maximise TSV & Reach, and thus overall channel share.

Brand Audits & Analytics

Retail Track

  • Monitors your brand’s retail health and provides insights into the effectiveness of your retail visibility.

Cine Track

  • It is the observation of all the ads shown on the screen before the movie starts, to ensure the recognition and recall of your ad.

OOH Track

  • A 3rd party audit of your brand’s OOH campaigns, delivering Metrics on the brand’s recall value.

Mystery Shopper Program

  • A fully customizable mystery shopping program for you to assess your business on a host of parameters that may directly affect your sales.

Brand Research & Insights

Rural Establishment Survey

  • An unprecedented study capturing consumer behavior, preferences, awareness and consumption patterns across 2,15,000 villages in India.


  • Detailed interviews with specific set of respondents asking particular questions based on discussion guide. It helps you to read the psyche of your consumer and gives strategic solutions on the spot.

Brand Insights

  • Assesses saliency and usage patterns for products and brands across different categories in the market.

Campaign Evaluation Study

  • Assists campaigners design and develop innovative campaign strategies across all media, basis insights on efficacy of each.


  • An innovative way for Advertisers to enhance their Reach


Net Promoter Score

  • A proxy for gauging the customer’s overall satisfaction with the products and services. It is tracked through an extensive sampling via tele-calling and measured on a scale of 1 to 10.


  • A set of 10,000 respondents chose on the basis of random sampling from a population with associated survey data collection techniques.


  • Helps an organization to assess the overall health of the promoters which directly impacts the business growth and overall consumer experience..

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