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digital future!

Our team of mavericks, aces and edge-lords curate and carve their creativity to serve your whims and fancies

We don’t toil, we game!

Committed to the wittiest set, we play to conquer all rivals.

Strive beyond
, reach DIGITAL!

We craft a digital presence to successfully gauge high customer engagement and positive branding.

At Chrome Digital Media, we show the world who you are!

We help you grow by delivering scope beyond social channels and digital space. Accommodating an impressive workforce honed with quirky minds, abrasive passion, and smart engagement tools, Chrome Digital brings forth a focused digital experience aimed at improving brand exposure and credibility. With the ground-breaking promise of directing big-impact campaigns and marketing strategies, we will oversee your brand’s digital game by spearheading challenges and edging out a strategy to engage, entertain and EMPOWER!

Chrome Digital is incorporated with its parent company, Chrome DM. Since its inception in 2008, Chrome DM has established itself as a strategic leader in delivering data driven results across all verticals whilst maintaining a strong dominance in primary research and data driven industry within India. It is the only agency in India to provide consolidated and comprehensive broadcast and OTT media solutions. CHROME DM consolidates connectivity via scanning 186.7 million homes, through 24/7 surveillance across multiple modes of Television Delivery – Analog, Digital [DAS/Non-DAS] and DTH, thereafter, further dissecting the mediums into individual operators/ platforms for immediate rectifications.

What we offer


Drive traffic
the right way!

SEO is a critical tool to master your competitive edge while boosting both credibility and engagement. SEO massively improves your online presence by attracting local searches, thus improving both consumer reach and website usability. Chrome Digital will

Social Media

Discover your
social space.

Social Media platforms offer unique outlet to tell your brand’s story. Through social networking to micro-blogging, Chrome Digital can help curate a strategy to improve the brand awareness and lead generation. With Social Media Management, the brands can improve their interaction, content distribution and subsequent collaborations.

Paid Media Campaigns


As name suggests, paid media campaigns include programmatic advertisements, paid socials, and sponsored content. These are great means to generate both brand credibility and exposure. We, at Chrome Digital, anchor a unique strength in earned media coverage, thanks to Chrome DM’s presence across broadcast and digital media. These campaigns can reach target audiences by serving ads to the ideal audience at desired time and medium.

Content Marketing

Frame your
brand identity!

Centered around delivering desired content to targeted audience, it helps in achieving both niche identity as well as brand authenticity. Content Marketing can help you stand out across any cluttered markets while reflecting the formats you want to focus on. Chrome Digital will identify the best formats for your business while offering plans and budgets to execute the strategy

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