BRIQUAL is Chrome DM’s qualitative research which aims to capture all of the qualitative inputs that can then either be used to substantiate the quantitative insights gathered or to be used as a basis for in-depth evaluation of the subjective responses that only a detailed interview can establish.

In order to tap the ‘why’ and ‘how’ that eludes most quantitative methods of acquiring data, BRIQUAL aims to capture the otherwise elusive information and help further the reasons behind a decision and confirm hypothesis or reform them to reflect the data.

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  1. Detailed interviews with specific sets of Respondents
    • Utilising the vast 33,000 household respondents already empanelled by Chrome DM or creating a fresh set of respondents, a controlled environment can be created for the Detailed Interviews to take place.
    • The detailed Discussion Guide (DG) will form the basis for the interaction between the respondents and the moderator providing a pre-decided format and thereby simulating similar environments for all of the respondents.
  2. Expert Moderators spread across India
    • Also spread across India, Chrome DM can deploy expert moderators with experience in the fields of Product Testing, Detailed Interviews and Focus Group Discussions.
    • In case of any variations in the expertise above and beyond of the Moderators, specific subject based moderators are also readily available due to Chrome DM’s network and connections with various Institutes and organisations.
Meetaap Parallax


  1. Real Time access to the study
    • i) The ability to view on-going interview either through physical proximity or across great distance can be provided using state-of-the-art Video Conferencing equipment while minimising any strain to the environment of the interview.
  2. Discussion points and implemented discussion guide
    • Strict adherence to the DG which established consistency with individual respondents and covering all the points as and when relevant to the Interview conducted on a case by case basis
    • All insights fetched will be detailed in an organised manner providing all the findings and observations made during the study
Meetaap Parallax