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Ratings Plus

A Chrome DM exclusive to maximise Time Spent, Reach & overall Channel Share by optimising Headend Wise Distribution, On Air Presentation, Content Scheduling and Break Strategy to reach the right audience @the right time and @the right place.

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Chrome Plus Language Feed

A Chrome DM exclusive city wise bi- weekly report that provides the Language feed options of a channel across 2500 + head ends, entailing the default language, the options on remote, and the languages on which a channel is actually running.

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Piracy Track

A Chrome DM exclusive city wise weekly report that tracks the piracy of channels with image proofs, capturing the on-screen DTH logo watermark and fingerprint number of cable operators and DTH from where the piracy is happening, enabling the broadcasters to eliminate piracy of their channels across India.

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Live Monitoring

A Chrome DM exclusive service that facilitates monitoring of a channel on project basis, in real-time, within predefined windows along with features like geo-tagging.

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DPi - Distribution Potential index

A Chrome DM Proprietary study that gives the exact reach contribution of a channel broken down to individual cable networks in India.

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DFR - Daily Fluctuation Report

A Chrome DM exclusive that reports a channel’s daily fluctuations basis the daily data collection

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A Chrome DM unprecedented, exclusive digital interface showing the database of distribution interconnections across Urban India. An application designed to depict the feed tracking for each headend, from the Parent Headend till the last mile operator.

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SES - Subscriber Establishment Survey

A Chrome DM exclusive primary survey report that gives the number of active subscribers attached to each cable network spread across 3000+ cities in India.

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Break Strategy

A Chrome DM exclusive proprietary analysis that help broadcasters strategize a channels’ break patterns to minimise their impact on viewership.

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Industry Reports

Unprecedented holistic research solutions for media and consumer goods.

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News Track

Chrome News Track gives you an immediate competitive edge with near live tagging on what your competition is airing and what you are missing out on, eventually boosting your Channels' rating (with additional data from a 24*7 live panel of 2000 touchpoints with live indicative viewership that tallies with the subsequent ratings system trends). Features include - Story/ content Analysis, Sub Story Analysis, Anchor Analysis, Top Genres, Logistic Monetization and Exclusive Competitive Stories.

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DRR - Distribution Revenue Realization

A Chrome DM Proprietary tool that gives the exact subscriber revenue at a headend level across cable networks in 3000+ cities in India.

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Track 2.0

A city wise weekly ‘connectivity report’ with weighted OTS (opportunity to see) across PCS, hyper/UHF & digital percentages giving the exact distribution status of a channel vis-à-vis its competitive set across all key markets, necessitating the neighbourhood status, distribution summary, placement details, weekly highlights and the package details.

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Chrome Live

An End-to-End Advanced data analytics platform exclusively designed using 100% technology integration at Data Collection, Data Entry, Reports Churning and Analytics level to provide broadcasters with a Customized Web Dashboard for channels exact ground distribution status.

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Ad Sales

The software upgrades your Feet on Street to Data Scientists - while they work from home – or on the Go… You should also see an upswing in your business top lines (opening new retail clients, targeting exclusives and handy self-generated data points when needed), along with savings on research costs - an exceptionally easy to use interface for your AD sales teams – active on Android and iOS.

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Dual LCN Report

A Chrome DM exclusive weekly tracking report that monitors the channels having placement on more than one LCN #/ frequency across 2500+ headends.

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Landing Page Report

A Chrome DM exclusive weekly tracking report that monitors the default/ landing channel across 2500+ headends.


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Retail Track

Monitors your brand’s retail health and provides insights into the effectiveness of your retail visibility.

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Cine Track

It is the observation of all the ads shown on the screen before the movie starts, to ensure the recognition and recall of your ad.

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Mystery Shopper Program

A fully customizable mystery shopping program for you to assess your business on a host of parameters that my directly affect your sales.

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OOH Track

A 3rd party audit of your brand’s OOH campaigns, delivering Metrics on the brand’s recall value.

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10,000 responses in 10 days for any customized survey across the country. Read More

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Brand Track

Monitors your brand’s health, visibility, adaptability. Read More

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FGD & Surveys

Target audience to get appropriate responses and gauge satisfaction level of your customers to gain insights in order to map consumer & competition knowledge.


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Digital Media

Industry’s first Census based Media Optimizing tool that enables agencies and advertisers with channels’ reach trends data (channels’ availability by market area / by NCCS / by transmission/ by week), across the cable & satellite base of India for buying purposes .

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An Unprecedented Industry Talk Series hosted by Chrome DM Founder & CEO Pankaj Krishna, featuring corporate titans in a freewheeling discussion.

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COTT For Business

Industry’s first Census based Media Buying tool that analyses the Reach & Frequency of a campaign at an individual channel and head end level to identify the UNIQUE MISSED AREAS / CITIES BY LOCALITY during the activity period.



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Now Streaming: OTT A report on OTT in India

  • OTT Penetration in India Split by Content Genre
  • Demographic Profiling of OTT Consumers
  • Factors Influencing OTT Consumption in India
  • Factors Influencing Non-Paid to
  • Paid Consumption
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Now Playing:HD HD Penetration in India

  • Split by DTH/ Digital cable operators | split by markets
  • Factors influencing Purchase decision of HD consumers
  • Demographic profiling of HD consumers split by metro/non-metro
  • Chrome DM projections for growth of HD in India
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Rural Establishment Survey Get rural insights into 2,15,000 villages

  • Insights from Rural Population
  • Penetration of Awareness Mediums
  • Various Government Initiatives
  • Impact of Demonetization
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Digital India Demystifying the digital phenomenon in India

  • Digitization across diverse industries
  • From food and healthcare to banking and entertainment
  • Mapping of usage as well as individual behavioural patterns
  • How rural India responds to digitization
  • New content landscape unfolding
  • Mushrooming of digital media companies