Brand Insights helps in assessing the salience and the usage pattern for respective categories in the market. It helps in assessment of brand health and Brand image vis-à-vis competition.

It helps in identifying the key influencers in purchase process and also the barriers and triggers in the purchase cycle.

Key Variables to be tracked are Brand Health, Barriers and Triggers, Brand Equity and Brand experience.


  • Mapping the brand health
  • Establishing the experience behind the purchase process
  • Identifying the key influencers in purchase process
  • Identifying the barriers and triggers in the purchase cycle


  1. Brand Health
    1. Map out the Top of Mind (ToM) and Spontaneous (SPONT) awareness that a brand possesses in certain market scenarios while comparing the likelihood of purchase or consideration placed on the brand
    2. Associate the familiarity attached with the purchase intent behind the usage pattern of the brand/category
  2. Barriers & Triggers
    1. Understanding the decision influencers that manipulate the decision-making capacity of the consumers which ultimately leads them to purchase a particular product
  3. Brand Equity
    1. Understanding the positioning of the brand vis-à-vis its’ competition establishing choice and reasons for a particular brands purchase over another
    2. Establishing loyalty for a product attached with the brand of product and mapping out the commitment a consumer may have for the brand
  4. Brand Experience
    1. Gauging the satisfaction level that independent or continuous consumption has for the brand.