10 K is a method of survey which uses a set of 10000 respondents within the target group defined by the client to capture the responses in fast turnaround period of 4-5 working days. This is done using tech-driven data collection techniques. Pre-configured smart and customizable dashboard is utilized to display real time data. Using objective based questions, the data is collected in as little time as possible, relaying the general trend within India for a particular set of queries.

  • Helps clients amass a general trend line followed pan-India
  • Fastest query-based solution for objective questions
  • Utilises tech-based data collection procedure that can further be delegated to either the Field team or tele-caller team
  • Identify areas to target for specific campaigns and get a basic level understanding of consumer behaviour across India


1) To gather 10,000 respondents’ worth of objective data in as little time as possible (4-5 Working days)
2) Notwithstanding respondent size, a base of 4-5 objective questions will have tangible answers
3) Suggest demography to target and/or provide actionable moving forward
4) Collect data for establishing base and the initial health of the client’s perception among consumers



  1. Check overview of the Indian landscape with respect to the questions:
    1. Identify problem issues and create targeted plans to mitigate or eradicate with future plans
    2. Apart from data collected, analysis on the basis of Cities, regions, gender etc. will be provided as directed by clients in an all-inclusive manner, identifying relation among various factors and other issues manipulating consumer behaviour
  2. Fastest turn around time for data collection with live feed for viewing:
    1. Using a fixed selection of questions, data collection will be driven by in-house proprietary app and clients will be provided real time access to the data collected via customizable and comprehensive dashboards
    2. In about 5 working days, a presentation of the data collected along with all inferences made and actionable that may be taken will be provided as per the requirements of the client